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Cemetery Plot Locations

The cemetery is CLOSED on Shabbat and all Yom Tov (Holy Days on which work is forbidden).

Listed below are the names of those interred in the Temple Beth El /Agudath Achim cemetery.
The list is organized alphabetically by last name.

Note: The information on these pages is accurate as far as we know. We will correct any errors when we are informed of them and have verified the correct information.
Please let us know if you have found an error.

If you would like more information on the location of particular plot please use the contact page and state who's plot you are looking for and what your relationship is to them.

Last Name First Name cemetery Plot Number

North E 9
North E 10
Babyatsky Jeanette South I 9
Babyatsky Sander South I 8
Barcan Gussie South G 9
Barcan Jack South G 8
Barie Cynthia North S 12
Barowick Gail South L 14
Behmoararr (baby) South T 8
Berman Michael South P 2
Berman Mildred South P 3
North G 11
North G 12
North G 13
Bloom Flora South M 9
Bloom Theodore South M 8
Budberman ? South K 11
Cantor Anna North G 17
Cantor Jacob North G 16
Chaleff (baby) South T 9
Cohen Bayli South P 16
Cohen Bernard South M 5
Cohen Dorothy South I 5
Cohen Echel South S 9
Cohen Harvey South D 9
Cohen Joseph South M 6
Cohen Louis South I 7
Cohen Vivian South M 4
North F 11
North F 13
Corner Isabel North F 12
Denner Ruth South Q 17
Diamond Ann South P 4
Dornblum Ann South G 12
Einbinder Seymour South E 9
Einbinder Shirley South E 10
Eisler Jacob South I 17
Eisler Lilly South I 16
Engleberg Else South Q 2
Engleberg Herman South Q 3
Faller ? North F 7
Faller Harry North G 9
Faller Isadore North G 8
Faller Oscar South R 12
Faller Rose North G 7
Feiner Arthur South J 15
Feiner Jeanette South J 16
Feiner Sidney South K 5
Fessler Frank South Q 4
Fessler Gissela South Q 5
Fidler Benjamin South S 7
Fidler Elsie South S 5
Fidler Louis South S 6
Fidler Sarah South S 8
Fine Samuel South S 14
Franzos Abraham South M 14
Franzos Bessie South P 14
Franzos David South P 15
Franzos Lena South M 15
Friedman Ethel South F 16
Friedman Eugene South G 3
Friedman Eva South G 4
Friedman Hyman South F 15
Gaffin Joseph South J 4
Gaffin Sylvia South J 5
Ganz Estelle North R 3
Ganz Sol North R 4
Garfinkle Judith South K 16
Garfinkle Sidney South K 17
Glass Bill South D 13
Goldman Celia North I 4
Goldman David North H 4
Goldman Harry North I 3
Goldman Irving North G 3
Goldman Israel South P 13
Goldman Marylin (baby) South T 13
Goldman Richard North H 5
Goldman Sadie South H 16
Goldman Samuel South H 15
Goldman Sylvia North G 3
Gorman Charlotte South N 3
Gorman Harry South N 4
Gottlieb Richard (baby) South T 7
Grawi Julius North G 15
Grawi Susanne North G 14
Heilig Seymour South F 3
Heilig Sheila South F 4
Herman (baby) South T 17
Herman Franklin South Q 16
Hinden (baby) South T 10
Hindin Abe South H 13
Hindin Arlene (baby) South T 12
Hindin Boris (baby) South T 15
Hindin Rebecca South H 12
Hocks Barney South M 13
Hocks Tressa South M 12
Holy Scriptures
South K 7
Honig Benjamin South I 13
Honig Esther South I 12
Honig Leo South I 14
Isaacs Sadie South Q 14
Kagan Emmanuel South M 3
Kagan Rose South M 2
Kagan Vivian South L 2
Kaplan Bert South L 10
Kaplan Louis South L 9
Kassel Trudy South E 11
Kassel Victor South E 12
Katz Goldie South H 9
Katz Morris South H 10
Kolton Jackson South J 9
Kravitz Ann South P 11
Kravitz Frank South P 9
Kravitz Harry South P 10
Kravitz Samuel South P 8
Krinsky Charles South R 13
Kuperman Shirley South N 7
Lafer Max South O 17
Lafer Rae South O 16
Lederer Deborah South E 14
Lederer Milton South E 13
Leiman Alice South N 14
Leiman Mark (baby) South T 11
Levin Neil Robert (Bob)
North S 17
Levin Henry North R 17
Levin John North R 18
Levin Julius North R 8
Levin Samuel North R 6
Levin Sylvia North R 5
Levin Yetta North R 7
Levinson David South F 14
Levinson Gussie South F 13
Levy Hubert South F 6
Liebowitz Morris South S 17
Lipman Harold South H 8
Livson Harry (baby) South T 14
Livson Jack South G 10
Livson Jean South G 11
Lowenstern Albert North F 10
Luger Ida South F 10
Luger Murray South F 9
Marcus Francis South L 4
Marcus Mordecai South L 6
Marcus Nathan South L 5
Marks Albert South F 12
Marks Rose South F 11
Marshall Ida South I 10
Marshall Leo South I 11
Mencoff Hanna South Q 10
Mencoff Irving South Q 8
Mencoff Jacob South Q 9
Mercado Ellen South G 2
Mester Matthew South H 6
Mohl (baby) South T 6
Morgenstern Joseph North E 6
Moskowitz Paul South K 15
Muenz Dezeja South OO 17
Nathan Donald South K 3
Nathan Michael South L 3
Newman Marilyn South D 16
Newman Richard South D 17

Nudelman Bluma South G 13
Nudelman Joseph South G 14
Parker (baby) South T 5
Pearlstein (baby) South T 16
Rees Anna South S 11
Rees Isaac South S 12
Resnick David South L 7
Resnick Max South H 11
Rifkin Joseph South N 9
Robinson Morris South J 7
Robowsky Zanvel South P 17
Rosenstein Nettie North R 2
Rosenstein Nettie North R 2
Rosenstein Samuel North R 1
Rosner Anna South J 14
Rosner Clara South J 13
Rosner Isaac South J 12
Ruderman Henry North E 7
Ruderman Morris South K 12
Ruderman Rose North E 7
Ruderman Sarah South K 13
Sakofsky Carl North P 12
Sakofsky Eva North S 11
Sakofsky Karl North R 9
Sakofsky Rose North R 10
Sakofsky Sidney North S 10
Sanders Morris South M 10
Sarfatti Esther North J 3
Saul Beverly South D 7
Saul Lorna South C 10
Schifrin Nathan South M 7
Schildkraut Bella South N 6
Schwartz Edith South J 2
Schwartz Gitel South L 12
Schwartz Harry South J 3
Schwartz Samuel South L 13
Seigel Isadore South E 2
Shampansky Bertha South M 16
Shampansky Harry South M 17
Sherwin Harold North R 11
Sherwin Lou North P 11
Shpigel Vilya South N 12
Siegel Abraham North S 14
Siegel Alvina South G 17
Siegel Edythe South G 16
Siegel Harry North R 13
Siegel Irving North E 11
Siegel Marvin South F 2
Siegel Rose South I 14
Siegel Sally North R 16
Siegel Sam South G 15
Siegel Sari North S 13
Siegel Sidney North R 14
Siegel Solomon North R 15
Simon Lillian South G 5
Simon Otis South G 6
Singer Natan South E 8
Solomon Dorothea South I 2
Solomon Elias South E 15
Solomon Florence South E 16
Solomon Henry South I 3
Solomon Irving South E 17
Stein Abraham South R 17
Stein Audrey South D 6
Stein Nathan South D 5
Stone Fanny South Q 13
Toper Fanny South P 6
Toper Morris South P 5
South R 16
South S 10
South S 13
Wiener Peter South F 8
Wiener Sarah South F 7
Wiseman Emanuel South K 8
Wiseman Etta South K 9
Zeger Helen South R 5
Zeger Irving South R 10
Zeger Samuel South R 9
Zeger Saul South R 7
Zeger Yetta South R 8