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Temple Beth El / Congregation Agudath Achim Cemetery

Having been established in the first decade of the 20th century and now with over 100 years as the final resting place for the congregation, Temple Beth El / Congregation Agudath Achim Cemetery continues its mission as a dignified and orderly Jewish cemetery.

Note: The information on these pages is accurate as far as we know. We will correct any errors when we are informed of them and have verified the correct information.
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The cemetery plots at the Temple Beth El / Congregation Agudath Achim cemetery are available ONLY to those who maintain their membership in good standing, have unbroken membership for a minimum of 6 years, and continue to remain members in good standing until death.
(An exception to the above is for those who bought plots during a limited time period many years ago as part of a Temple Beth El fund raising.)

Temple Beth El does not sell cemetery plots.
Please do not ask Temple Beth El to sell you a cemetery plot.

Members who have questions about cemetery plots should address them to the Temple here:

The cemetery is CLOSED on Shabbat and all Yom Tov (Holy Days on which work is forbidden).

* The cemetery is referred to as "Temple Beth El / Agudath Achim Cemetery" because the cemetery was established by Congregation Agudath Achim which later reorganized under the name Temple Beth El.